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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 2, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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that flu virus you'll hear why this flu season is an epidemic and a parent's permission no longer matters when it comes to teens that want to tan indoors in delaware. and the forecast is somewhat cold but not as bad as what we experienced in the new your david murphy is getting us ready for rain and warmth for now we have blue skies and patches across the region and a milky white sky cover to let sunshine through i'll give you the close up view and the darker shade of gray and full sunshine and clouds fulling in a little bit and the darker gray is allowing the sunshine through and this closer image you see it's happening down in parts of cumberland county and atlantic county and slightly thicker in cape may county. and temperatures across the
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mid-atlantic region looking a little bit better today along the coast than they did yesterday. 43 in philadelphia and 40 in new york city and down the pike in washington we are at 45 and 41 in richmond virginia the colder air to the west and that is an affect being created by the cloud cover and the upper elevations and spots like pittsburgh and places like buffalo a crush of cold air coming at us we'll see the numbers jump up by 2:00 we are at 44 degrees and a high of 45 at 3:00, before dipping back to 43 at 4:00 and 6:00, 41 degrees and 30s by 8:00 and 37 by 10:00. if we look at the wide view, you can see rain in atlanta and another batch of it extending back towards dallas and a mixed batch of precipitation pushing towards austin texas a mixed
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pattern of precipitation will congeal around an area of low pressure, and a warm front that brings rain tomorrow and the northern and western suburbs bringing a wintry mix on the outset and all that on future tracker 6 when i step inside. a man from pittsburgh was charged overnight with raping and trying to kill a woman in a philadelphia parking garage police say that 32-year-old steven woodson approached the female victim from behind as she got off an elevator in spring garden woodson demanded money and choked the woman until she lost consciousness, the woman says she was knocked out twice and when she woke up that is when the attacker raped her and she broke free and rain for help and that person chased the attacker and lost him police caught up to woodson a short time later. this video just in 18-year-old michael shelly
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arrived at bensalem police headquarters a short time and he was charged with homicide by vehicle police say that shelly struck and killed minet zeka last month. and that shelly kept going even though the stop arm was down and red signals were flashing. >> fire damaged a commercial building in philadelphia this morning firefighters were called to the 4800 block of lancaster avenue in the park side section, there are apartments above the structure and no word on how many people may have been displaced and no one was hurt. another house fire broke out in the port richmond section this morning along the 2100 block of east madison street the fire was on the second and third floors the owner rents out rooms no one was hurt in this blaze either. the grim task of recovering the victims of air asia 8501, crews battled monsoon rains as
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they found 21 more victims today. some of the bodies were still trapped to their airplane seats rs of the 612 passengers and crew 30 bodies are recovered so far and it remains unclear what caused the plaeng to plunge out of the sky and the plane was traveling from indonesia to singapore on sunday when it lost contact. the center for disease control says the flu virus has reached epidemic levels in the u.s. raising concerns obviously the flu has taken the lives of at least 13 children and more on what people are doing to protect themselves and their families. >> from the sneezing -- to the coughing -- flu season is in high gear, already declared an epidemic by the cdc. earlier this week the cdc reported high flu activity in 22 states it starts in the southeast and the midwest and spreads from there. people had the holiday vacation
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and people spreads flu as they travel around. >> with the vaccine less affective against this year's strain hospitalizations are up. in milwaukee 220 hospitalizations. >> i'm sick right now. i'm sick right now i have got the flu i think. >> beyond calling your doctor there is a growing practice called telemedicine and log into a waiting room and wait for a physician. children under 5, pregnant women and people with medical conditions are recommended to get the vaccine. and don't wait too long to get treatments because anti-flu medications only work if started in the first few days. officials in mercer county new jersey have connected two new cases of hepatitis a to a restaurant.
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public health officials in hamilton diagnosed with the disease ate from a restaurant where a food handler contracted the virus in november. both recently diagnosed patients are recovering at home and officials are releasing more information this afternoon and we'll is that at and on "action news" beginning at 4:00. minors cannot use tanning beds in delaware anymore regardless of whether they have their parent's consent, jack markell signed the bill that bans the beds for anyone under 18, it's one of the greatest preventible health problems in our country, and is especially danger dangerous because of the chance of cancer in young people. and doctors are seeing several serious falls from ski lifts and this scene serves as a
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now to the funeral for a 10-year-old boy who was killed in southern new jersey many you mccluskey was crossing the road for a sleep over, and a cruiser struck and killed him on delsy drive. vernon odom is live now with more. >> >> reporter: hello matt, franklin, new jersey and franklinville are virtually the
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same town, hundreds have come to williamstown on the second day of the flu year to try to cope with this tragedy. a grim scene as mourners attend the final viewing of 10-year-old matthew mccluskey. the child was walking to a sleep over with friends on delsy drive when he was hit by a franklin township police cruiser. police say he was responding to a call involving an unruly juvenile. they have not said if the lights or siren were on the towns folk are in deep despair. >> we are all family in franklinville and a lot of us have come to pay our support for the family and this precious little boy, it's a tragedy. >> an enormous tragedy? >> yes it is for everyone in franklinville. >> a candle light vigil was held on the little field field where
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matthew played last summer. the funeral mass just started for 10-year-old matthew in gloucester county. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a robin side of a mall in tampa, florida, created a widespread panic employee men took sledge hammers to jewelry cases and stole rolex watches some mall shoppers mistook the loud noise for gunshots. icy roads let to this, in oklahoma city oklahoma the driver according to police said the pickup was going too fast and it ended up almost perpendicular to the ground resting on a power line. the driver was able to get out and his truck remained perched on the pole for over an hour.
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the most dangerous part of skiing is not always going down the mountain it's sometimes going up the mountain one fall took a man's life. >> reporter: as tens of thousands of skiers this holiday season come shushing down the slopes it's getting up that is causing new concern after several serious and one fatal fall from moving ski lifts a 5-year-old in new york was sent to the hospital after falling 18 feet and russel fell in oregon. >> thought i would put my foot on the other side of my snowboard and after dangling from one hand he plunged 20 feet and a brooklyn mother was killed after falling 25 feet. >> mike russo is the safety manager in copper mountain
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colorado. he says people need to take the safety risks seriously. >> this man tried to throw a snowball at a friend and falls but he survives. >> you think you will drop something like a pole or glove, it's best to let the item drop and someone can go around and pick it up from you. the ski industry says that ski lifts are safe and secure and deaths are rare, 15 over the past 15 decades. the ski association says you are more likely to die riding an elevator. chick-fil-a is the latest business warning customers about a possible security breach they learned there was unusual activity involving cards at a few restaurants the chain didn't say much else and they were working with law
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enforcement and cyber experts. if you got a play station for christmas and could not play because of outages, sony wants to make it up to you. sony announced in a blog post that it will offer customers 10% off purchases from the play station store. snap chat had a lot to celebrate. they disclosed they raised $460 million from investors. the app allows you to send pictures and videos to friends that disappears in seconds, that brings their value to $10 billion. coming up the u-2 front man, bono is talking out about a horrible bicycle crash hear why he may never play guitar again.
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the mummers parade is in the book it ended with mummers
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suits and more colorful and glittery than ever before. thousands lined the parade route earlier in the day and some complained about the new parade route from city hall to center city philadelphia. >> golden sunrise took the crown for a second year and murray repeated for the comics falinger came in for the vikings. >> and i watched a lot of that on phl 17 yesterday. alicia vitarelli and brian taff were down there. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a lack of stiptation today because we have other stuff to deal with, as we look outside, today is not bad live we go to spring mountain in montgomery county you can see the snow is on the slopes and there are folks enjoying the nice sunny afternoon and that is less raw than yesterday and we are above freezing and we are
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keeping it's snow on the slopes for folks to come down the hill there. a couple of highlights and it's dry today and a fair amounts of sunshine breaking through and a big change tomorrow it's a wet day for saturday and a bit icy for a time before a change over to rain. 43 degrees is your current temperature and winds out of the west northwest at 13 miles per hour. and the windchills making it feel like the mid up to upper 30s now. everyone has clouds overhead and you are getting some sunshine through. high temperatures today there is a bit of a range in atlantic city we have a shot at 46 degrees similar to philadelphia but as you get into the upper elevations and northern suburbs, 30s in allentown and reading in lancaster today and 40 in trenton still on the chilly side but better than yesterday with the winds lighter. 43 is your high in philadelphia
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and by 5:00, 42 and 7:00 the temperature drops to 40 degrees and back in the 30s at 9:00 and overnight down to 29 degrees, better than where we started this morning in some spots but still pretty cold. this morning morning clouds and rain will be in the afternoon and i am starting to see indications on future tracker 6 of some areas getsing some of this moving in in the morning and it could be a lot of the area transitioning to rain before noon, it's all because of the warm front and the related low pressure center, we'll have cooler air and for a time future tracker 6 is showing mixed precipitation, this is the 8:00 view and this is a brand new model run and you haven't seen this until now, the latest run wants to poke rain and snow into chester county and we get up to 11:30, and you can see how not everybody is seeing rain and some of this is coming through and a mix of snow and sleet in
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the northern and western suburbs honestly the model having time with this, some runs pushes it's rain line to the southern portion of lehigh county and other times it comes down closer to philadelphia i done think the line in chester will be that bad. the better chance in allentown and the poconos, but if you see the snow falling or sleet pellets take it slow, it's not an all day thing it goes to the north and you wind up with rain in the afternoon. rain continues into saturday night and sunday as well. the rains you saw probably begins in the late morning hours on saturday and the brief mix from the pennsylvania turnpike and north could be more than a brief mix in the lehigh valley and small accumulations are possible and they will melt as the rain changes over. your seven day from accuweather 45 and rain arriving likely in the morning for a good portion of you with a mix north and west
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changing to rain and 46 is the high with rain in the afternoon sunday mild, 64 is the high and a chance of rain and there will be dry spells and you can watch chris sowers until 1:00 to see what is happening on radar and whether you want to get outside and take the christmas decorations down and maybe a snow shower tuesday afternoon and 20s wednesday and thursday look at the overnight lows notice -- in the teens. >> that is where i'll be outside. >> when david is not on the air, that time is shrinking by the days head to, and you can see the changing temperatures and use stormtracker 6 live double scan when the rain moves in this weekend. health check this noon, scientists are testing a new drug designed to help heavy drifrkers and that sparks a
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hormone and scientists want to know if it's safe and if it works, they created a fully stocked bar in the national institutes of health they say it can cue volunteers brains and they can use the pill to see if it counters the desire for alcohol. topping the people scene bono says he may never play guitar again. the singer crashed his bicycle in central part in november and fractured his left eye socket and shoulder blade and left elbow, doctors reinstructed his elbow with titanium he said on his band's website, recovery is more difficult than i thought, as i write there it's not clear if i will ever play guitar again. taylor swift managed to shake frozen off the billboard chart, 1989 was the top selling album and get this it was only out for nine weeks.
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frozen was not too far behind at 3.5 million. >> it's easier to see the film, "the interview" it will see a wider release in theaters and sony reached deals with satellite and cable providers several including comcast and time warner cable and direct tv and verizon will offer the film to subscribers for a5.99 rental fee.
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if you are looking for distraction this afternoon, look at these stories at here is cool video of a guy reciting a poem he created by recording one word per day every single day of 2014.
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and a woman caught on camera trying and failing to park a car on the right side of a gas pump and a dad uses his golf swing to knock out his son's tooth. this is available right now at >> all right, so one more look at weather. we have got better temperatures today across the region we are getting into the upper 30s in places like reading and allentown and out towards kutztown and 30 in lancaster and 39 in downingtown and pottstown and areas closer to 95 a couple of 45s on the map. down by the shore also fairly mild a couple of 46s down by the coast and still breezy but not as har. as yesterday the rain arrives
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tomorrow morning and stashts as a wintry mix and slow down on roads until it changes to rain. >> i'll take your advice thanks david. here are stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, rocky balboa could be running through the streets of philadelphia again, sylvester stallone is coming to philadelphia to shoot the 7th movie in the series. and a major company is hanging up the office funs in favor of the way most people communicate these days. probably like that. that is it for noon, join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. and for the entire "action news" team i'm matt o'donnell. have a great friday and a great weekend.
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